about the author

S.M. Holmes is a skilled Reiki Master who has dedicated over three decades to studying and attending various workshops encompassing angel, crystal therapy, and Native American healing techniques. With vast knowledge and experience, S.M. Holmes has also obtained certificates in various modalities like aura soma, crystal therapy, past regression, and, more recently, massage, including Indian head massage. Her journey of exploration and continuous learning has shaped her into a well-rounded, holistic practitioner.

She was inspired by her cherished family, grandchildren and beloved pets to embark on her writing career. In a world where people from diverse backgrounds migrate and settle into different countries, children should learn to become a part of multicultural and mixed-race families with a need to learn and speak different languages. S.M. Holmes recognized this need and felt inspired to develop a captivating tale, ‘Ali and Georgie go to Romania’, that not only serves as a fun read but also fosters language learning, catering to the unique experiences of the people. After the release of ‘The Key of Life,’ she was inspired by her loving family, grandchildren and pets to create a children’s story for the new age.

Her son-in-law hails from Romania and currently living in England and has embraced his identity – language and country. She encouraged him to never forget his roots as it serves as an identity. She also emphasized the importance of passing down these traditions to her beloved grandchildren, ensuring they could reap the benefits of both their ancestral roots and their current surroundings. This led to the creation of a unique masterpiece, a bilingual children’s story that encompasses the essence of their diverse family.

With a desire to be inclusive and celebrate the multifaceted nature of their family, S.M. Holmes weaved every family member into the fabric of the story. The adventures continue as the family anticipates the arrival of another grandson. As her family members continue to embark on new journeys in different countries, S.M. Holmes believes there should be more stories about travels and embracing different languages. ‘Ali and Georgie go to Romania’ is just the beginning; more thrilling stories about travel and adventures around the globe are yet to come!

S.M. Holmes’ hobbies include trying new foods, travelling to different and new places and, above all, welcoming new experiences in life. She finds nature and meditation as therapeutic powers to calm your chaotic soul and also love to relax in her hot tub under the stars.